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The BKV wood frame historic tram number 2806 is seen in its last operating condition and livery at Szent Gellért tér with Szabadság-híd (Liberty bridge), Corvinus Univeristy of Economics, the Duna (Danube) river and hotel boats in the background

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The last timetabled passenger steam trains in Europe with lots of extra.

Govora is closed
The CFI Govora narrow-gauge industrial railway ran the 15th September, 2019 for the last time.

A train to the Gornergrat
Zentralbahn, Mont-Blanc-Express and Gornergratbahn on a Swiss Travel Pass trip in the summer.

Retro Weekend at
Lake Balaton

Class M61 Nohab, M62 Szergej and M40 Púpos at the North bank railway to Tapolca.

With a steam locomotive
to Tapolca

A perfect day with the 424,247 and some other trains.

The reconstruction of Tiszatenyö station

Locomotive classes: V43, M61

Photo locations: Tiszatenyő, 120, 130...

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The NoHAB and the UDJ The reconstruction of the Budapest-Szolnok-Lökösháza line stepped to the following level. After rebuilding half of the Budapest-Szolnok section (the other half is left as it was, in a poor condition trains cannot go faster than 60-80 km/h), the part between Szolnok and Békéscsaba is getting a new shape.

Speed is raised to 140 km/h, and to 160 km/h between Tiszateny? and Mez?túr, where the missing second track is also built. This will mean much quicker trains towards Romania, which is a happy thing, and the full-length double track will solve the capacity problems of the freight trains. But while subway and raised platforms are built at a village where twenty people get on a train tops, the track between Szolnok and Sülysáp is still a mess, and the section which was rebuilt two years ago is a mess again, and that section I believe to be more important.

The work beginsThis reconstruction is awkwaard as anything involving MÁV, but very interesting for a train enthusiast. As at most of the major track reconstruction works, a NoHAB locomotive is working here, this time the rebuilt 2761 017, which usually moves the track measuring car of the Track Engineers.

NoHAB és felsővezetékvizsgáló kocsiThey currently prepare to build the new catenary system at the station. New masts are being raised, holes are being dug for the masts and the subway is under construction.


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Tiszatenyő station

The UDJ 043 at Tiszatenyő station

The UDJ 043 at Tiszatenyő station

Concrete mixer train

DM 368 at Tiszatenyő station

There go the workers

Overhead wire pole

Here come the basement for the catenary masts

Construction workers

The UDJ at work

The UDJ at work

The big machine helps the little machine

The 2761 017 at Tiszatenyő




The 2761 017 and the V43 1113 at Tiszatenyő station

2761 017 and UDJ 43 at Tiszatenyő station

Moving the grounding pole

Digging the place of the future subway



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