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Class 628 freight diesel locomotives take over the trains around Székesfehérvár.

Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and other animals
Various narrow-gauge railways, high-speed trains and freight trains share these pages with metro and tram lines.

Czech winter
Passenger and freight trains with diesel and electric locomotives in a surprise snowfall in April.

Photo Charter of Lights
The Holiday Trains at the Királyrét narrow-gauge railway have presented themselves to the photographers.

Again riding the Tatra Electric Tram
The unpublished photos of the TEZ network.

Historic photos of the Rhätische Bahn

Locomotive classes: Ge 4/4 I, Ge 6/6 I, 415, G 4/5, ABe 4/4 II, HGe 4/4 I, ABDe 4/4, Re 420, Ge 4/4 II, Ge 4/4 III, Ge 4/6, ABe 4/4 I, ABe 8/12, ABe 4/4 III, Gem 4/4

Photo locations: 230, 233, 235, Spinas, Bever, Pontresina, Pontresina/Puntraschigna, Guarda, 232, Ospizio Bernina, 215, Übergabebahnhof Ems Werk, Cinuos-chel/Brail, Carolina, Inn-Viadukt...

Historic photographs from kind donators for illustrating the articles on the Rhätische Bahn.

Thank you for making it possible to show a vide variety of photos from the colourful past and present of the Rhaetian Railways!


All the pictures in this gallery

The RhB/ChA ABDe 4/4 482 and 488 DC electric railcars at the beginning of the Arosa-line by the Plessur river at Chur, 30/10/1997. The RhB/BM BDe 4/4 491 DC electric railcar at San Vittore station of the Bellinzona-Mesocco railway on 27/02/1989. The RhB/BM BDe 4/4 491 DC electric railcar by San Vittore station of the Bellinzona-Mesocco railway on 27/02/1989.
The RhB Ge 4/4<sup>I</sup> 602 by Cinous-chel-Brail on the Inn-viaduct The RhB Ge 6/6<sup>I</sup> 415 hauls a freight train on the old Hinterrheinbrücke by Thusis on 08/01/1986 The RhB Ge 4/4<sup>II</sup> 612 thyristor-locomotive in green livery and with the original headlights near Rhäzüns, 12/09/1985.
The Ge 6/6<sup>I</sup> 412 with a mixed freight-passenger train by Davos, 11/09/1985. Two historic railcars of the Berninabahn with ABe 4/4<sup>I</sup> 34 leading with the steam rotary snowplough between Pontresina/Puntraschigna and Punt Muragl Staz, 16/01/2010. The RhB Ge 4/6 353 with a historic train by Ardez
The RhB G 4/5 107 with a historic train on Landwasser-Viadukt by Filisur Three generations of Berninabahn railcars at Poschiavo depot The RhB G 4/5 108 historic steam locomotive on the Val Tuoi-Viadukt by Guarda
A Ge 4/4<sup>I</sup> class old electric locomotive is pulling a freight train in the snow-covered Val Bever on its way to Alp Spinas and Albulatunnel A Ge 4/4<sup>III</sup> in the snow-covered Val Bever with a Chur-Tirano <q>Bernina-Express</q>, not far from the exit of the Albulatunnel A Pontresina to Scuol-Tarasp passenger train hauled by a Ge 4/4<sup>I</sup> locomotive by Punt Muragl
The SBB Re 420 11241 and its sister are hauling a normal-gauge freight train on the track plaite section of the RhB between Domat/Ems and Ems Werk The RhB Ge 6/6<sup>I</sup> 415 is pulling a historic Classic Pullman train through the Rhein gorge between Trin and Versam-Safien The RhB ABe 4/4 II 49 of the Berninabahn between Ospizio Bernina and Bernina Diavolezza with a mixed freight/passenger train
A Furka-Oberalp-Bahn HGe 4/4 locomotive on the Furka pass between Tiefenbach and Furka A Furka-Oberalp-Bahn HGe 4/4 locomotive somewhere in the Rhône valley The RhB Gem 4/4 802 electro-diesel locomotive with an unidientified ABe 4/4 II between Ospizio Bernina and Alp Grüm


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