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The MÁV 426 027 Desiro and the 415 076 FLIRT at Budapest-Nyugati

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RhB - Hauenstein - Jura
On this trip we visited the Arosabahn, the old Hauenstein railway and the Jura railway.

Semmering and Steyrtal historic trains
Electric on the Semmering and steam preserved train on the Steyrtalbahn heritage narrow-gauge railway.

142 - The class 424 to Lajosmizse
The class 424 (nickname Nurmi or Buffalo) pulls a heritage train on the Budapest-Lajosmizse railway.

The locomotives of the CFF Viseu de Sus
On this trip we got familiar with the steam and diesel locomotives of the forest railway.

KISSing goodbye!
The first Stadler KISS has gone in to regular service - for one day.

Diesel -> M40

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The MÁV-TR 408 006 <q>Humpback</q> seen at Hatvan depot

The MÁV-TR 408 006 Humpback seen at Hatvan depot

Photo by: Takács Bence

Copyright Takács Bence and friends, 2005-2020.

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