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The ZSSK 813 113-2 Mravec/Ant twin diesel railcar is seen at the North entrance of the Neresnicky Tunnel near Zvolen, built in 1947, with the driving trailer 913 113-7 on the front

The Sahy-Zvolen railway sees train traffic practically only on weekdays, so for me, as a teacher, a summer visit was the most profitable. Before its restart in 2018 I managed to take a few photos of a charter on the line, which still are the highlights of my collection of the railway (in my database the entire Cata - Sahy - Zvolen line is seen as one):

The Sahy-Krupina section was built as a tertiary line in Hungarian times, but the connection from Krupina to Zvolen through the Ostrovskiy mountain range was built in the Czechoslovakian times. This is the more spectacular mountain section of the route.

Photo by: Takács Bence


Photo by: Takács Bence - benbe.hu daily gallery

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