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The M61 001 and the ЧМЭ3 3375 at Chop (Чол) station

The M61 001 and the ЧМЭ3 3375 at Chop (Чол) station photo

Author: Székely Viktor
Captured at: 2010:03:19 14:32:50


High quality picture

PicID: 8043
Tags: 302 325 301 100 190 Чол Csap ЧМЭ3 001 3375 M61 CsME3 Dongó szélesnyomtáv magyar vonat külföldön állomás különleges téma tolatómozdony Ukrajna borult magaslatról dízelmozdony

The only reason I don't complain about the lack of the so much bragged reliability of the M61s is that the originally dispatched helper, the normal gauge Soviet M62 broke down also. This was a nice surprise again as we got a ChME3 light freight locomotive instead that looks a lot better and allows more view of the Hungarian locomotive on the photos.

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Photo by Székely Viktor

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