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The 6341 014-6 and the M43 1081 seen at Hatvan

The 6341 014-6 and the M43 1081 seen at Hatvan photo

Author: Takács Bence
Captured at: 2008:07:22 04:59:41


High quality picture

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Tags: Hatvan 80 81 82 M43 M43 1081 6341 014 dízelmozdony tolatómozdony felhos motorkocsi Dácsia

We can travel back in time t as far as 2008., and have a look at the Hatvan-Somoskőújfalu railway's state in those years. The class 6341 sprinter DMUs are the same today, but freight traffic was a lot different, there were real locomotives to be found. Of course, my photography technique was a lot different those days, so you will need some patience clicking through this gallery - you may want to try the brand-new Scrollable travelogue view.

Let's start the gallery with the image anyone could see on any weekday from the furthermost platform: the Sprinter preapring to leave to Somoskőújfalu, the classic M43 as station shunter, or often waiting for a local freight, and first generation rebuilt Bhv cars from the Szolnok or Dunakeszi yard, still wearing their grey with blue-and-yellow-stripes liveries. We had a regular timetable with the 11 minutes connection, same as today, so mostly the same view would welcome the freshly arrived train enthusiast nowadays - what is different, is what makes it worth publishing this album with these old photos of questionable quality and composition.

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