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The 2068 009-6 is working at Wörgl at the 26th of January

Photo by: Végh József
Captured at: 2010:01:28 22:10:16


PicID: 8023
Tags: Wörgl Hauptbahnhof 205 1201 ÖBB 2068 009 2068 Ausztria dízelmozdony tolatómozdony napos havas hegyek ÖBB

The second shunter is usually a class 2068 provided there are enough of them and they don't have to dispatch a smaller class 2067 for these heavy shunting duties. This locomotive is most of the time driven by the youngest locomotive driver girl of ÖBB as she isn't allowed to leave the station with a train before she's 21.

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Photo by Végh József

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