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The ŽSR M262 004 seen between Prílepi and Zlaté Moravce

The ŽSR M262 004 seen between Prílepi and Zlaté Moravce photo

Author: Takács Bence
Captured at: 2015:08:30 08:47:21


High quality picture

PicID: 20600
Tags: M262 M262 004 Szlovákia motorkocsi homlokátjáró

Our first historic train was a ČSD M262 type diesel-electric railcar built for the regio-express trains in the 1950s mostly. They are nicknamed Cupboard/Kredenc for the two-door entryway. The photo was taken on an interesting piece of railway line: the Leopoldov - Lužianky - Zlaté Moravce - Kozárovce railway. Its construction was influenced by the fact that all other railways in the region follow rivers: the line to Zvolne the Hron to the North-East, the line to Topo'lcianky the Žitava to the North and the line to Prievidza (and on to Handlová and Nitrianské Pravno) the Nitra also to the North, but they were only connected in the Nové Zamky region. The three sections were built in different times: the Lužianky - Leopoldov, that served the connection of Nitra and Prievidza to Bratislava in 1898, the Zlaté Moravce to Kozárovce (connecting to Zvolen) in 1912, both in the Hungarian times, while after the Vienna Awards, ČSD built the middle section in 1938.

The photo was taken on the Kozárovce - Zlaté Moravce section which is mostly unused nowadays. The middle section has a part that is revitalized by the new Nitra Jaguar/Land Rover car manufacturing plant as an industrial siding, but the rest of the line, cut in half by the new plant, will be dismantled. The third section between Lužianky and Leopoldov serving regional trains from Nitra and fast trains from Prievidza as far as Bratislava has a top speed of 100 km/h apart from the occasional restrictions in curves, so its fate is safe even in the long run.

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Photo by Takács Bence

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