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The Bmxtz 001 at Budapest-Déli

The Bmxtz 001 at Budapest-Déli photo

Author: Takács Bence
Captured at: 2008:12:28 11:17:02


High quality picture

PicID: 7328
Tags: Budapest - Déli 30 40 1 BVmot Bmxtz 001 együttállás tükörkép hangulat

My successor beside me: the Stadler FLIRTs has a traction system relative to the ASEA-Brown-Boveri (ABB) used in the MÁV InterCity multiple units. While only three were built of the older trains, MÁV-START ordered a first batch of 60 of the red Swiss-Hungarian EMUs, and there are plans to top the order by new long-distance trains.

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Photo by Takács Bence

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