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The 6342 005-3 between the small and the big bridges

(Budapest-Esztergom-Füzitői HÉV)

Photo by: Takács Bence
Captured at: 2008:03:25 16:35:18


PicID: 7459
Tags: Aquincum Aquincum felső Újpest 2 6342 6342 005 napos híd elmúlt motorkocsi K-híd Desiro MÁV piros motorvonat

The small bridges over a little bay were originally built here, they have no speed restrictions on them, so apart from the usual inspection, repairs and a new paint there's nothing to do with them. The constructors didn't hurry with these works as painting was started with already opened train traffic and only finished in 2009.

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Photo by Takács Bence

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