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The Rh Ge 6/6II 701 is seen between Lavin and Sagliaigns in the Unterengadin (departure towards Sagligaigns)

The Rh Ge 6/6 photo

Author: Takács Bence
Captured at: 2011:04:19 10:18:05


High quality picture

PicID: 13101
Tags: Val-Lavinuoz-Viadukt Lavin Sagliains 233 Ge 6/6 II Ge 6/6 II 701 RhB Rhätische Bahn Svájc kisvasút villanymozdony gépmenet napos nyílt vonal táj hegyek híd árnyékos hegyi vasút kétszekciós mozdony BoBoBo

This photograph was a good example of our shape at the beginning, so we clearly had to get acclimatized to photographing in the Engadin after a number of successful shots in the ideally designed freight timetable in the Surselva and the lots of information found in books and on the internet. Preparing for this shot with Google Maps we were only mistaken in thinking the road was going to be higher than the railway so we could have zoomed in on the viaduct and we miscalculated the height of that tree their, right in the middle of the picture. Oh, and the length of the train, too. The shot was good in the other direction though* with the concrete overpass and the beautiful valley serving as a background - from this point of view the locomotive coming alone was a lucky thing.
Freights in the Engadin are rare, there is the night one, also there's a Ge 6/6II from Samedan to Scuol-Tarasp hauling a number of cars to the container terminal at Scuol (it's easier to transport goods by train than to climb the passes, especially in winter when long detours may be necessary). From there almost always only a lone locomotive goes over to Zernez, the highest point in the Unterengadin. The locomotive then takes freight cars loaded there through the Vereina triangle track to Landquart. We planned on shooting that one too, you shall see whether we succeeded or not. Make your bets!
*As of this album a new view is available for those who like scrolling, the Scrolling story, where you can have a look at all the photos in this album and the corresponding captions in a single page just by scrolling through it, very similarly to Flickriver or a normal travelogue article. You can choose from seeing all the photos or only a selected few. So that the story remains a whole the captions are compressed all under the selected photos with just little bits of explanations or repeated captions under the others. This could mean a few references to things you can only see in the not-so-good photos, like the viaduct in this case. I hope you're going to like the new view. Give it a try!

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