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The exit to Szőreg at Újszeged

Photo by: Garamvölgyi Ádám
Captured at: unknown


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Tags: Újszeged 121 Stations állomás nemmozdony

You can guess from the weird track geometry, that the track to the left wasn't linked in this way and that another track used to be next to the current line track. The mainline of the Austrian-Hungarian State Railway Company (k. k. privilegierte österreichische Staatseisenbahn-Gesellschaft (StEG)) (OMÁV, or StEG) had two tracks between Szeged and Szőreg. Despite its name, it was a privately owned company that had an extensive network until its nationalization in 1891. This mainline went to Bazias (Baziaş, Romania) over Nagykikinda (Kikinda, Serbia) and Temesvár (Timisoara, Romania).

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Photo by Garamvölgyi Ádám

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