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The M41 2317 and the Bzmot 362 at Ukk station

(Őrségi Vasút)

Photo by: Takács Bence
Captured at: 2010:02:15 09:44:22


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Tags: Ukk 25 26 M41 2300 M41 2317 Bzmot 362 dízelmozdony gyorsvonati kocsik havas

We went to Ukk with a train replacement bus. The Zalaegerszeg and the Balaton directions branch at this station. There are three main types of trains to Zalaegerszeg: a daily direct train over the triangle at Boba and Veszprém to Budapest, direct coaches on the Budapest-Veszprém-Szombathely trains decoupled at Boba, and a few fast trains over the Vienna railway, turning towards Pápa at Győr, then going on to Boba-Ukk-Zalaegerszeg, but then stopping at every station. The railway to Ukk is just as interesting: there's the very well photographable castle of Sümeg, in the summertime there is a GYSEV train running on the Szombathely-Balatonfüred-Budapest route, and with some luck you can catch a gravel train from Uzsa.

Photo by Takács Bence

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