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The morning Budapest-Szombathely fast train is arriving at Várpalota station, the gate to the Bakony mountain range

Photo by: Takács Bence
Captured at: 2010:02:15 07:34:43


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Tags: Várpalota 20 Stations állomás nemmozdony

This line is part of the Budapest-Szombathely-Graz railway built by the Magyar Nyugoti Vasút (Hungarian Western Railway). The mainline number 25 to Slovenia begins at Boba, where normally the last few cars of the train would be left behind and an M41 would pull them to Zalaegerszeg. Because of the reconstruction works between Boba and Ukk (used together with the Celldömölk-Tapolca-Balatonszentgyörgy line) the train only went from Ukk to Zalaegerszeg and we had to change to buses at Boba. At the same time the workers were working on the new, more northerly line between Zalaegerszeg and Andráshida, but that didn't effect our travelling on the old line. The reconstruction of the track between Ukk and Zalaegerszeg and from Andráshida to Zalalövő was ready, as well as most of the catenary system was fed with a low voltage to reduce stealing.

Photo by Takács Bence

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