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Passing the Ge 4/4II 614 at Rabius-Surrein

(RhB Surselvalinie)

Photo by: Lászlófi Károly
Captured at: 2010:04:18 13:00:49


PicID: 10232
Tags: 232 Rabius-Surrein Ge 4/4 II Ge 4/4 II 614 hegyi vasút hegyek virág vonatból Svájc kisvasút RhB Rhätische Bahn villanymozdony napos bárányfelhok

Károly went to see a chapel at the upper part of the Vorderrhein valley. The railway gets to Rabius-Surrein after a number of bridges over the narrowing river and after Trun an incline of 2,7% begins that will eventually culminate at the Oberalppass. But we are at the RhB now, there is no sign of the rack rail yet, but as the railway has to pass side valleys a number of viaducts will come!

Photo by Lászlófi Károly

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