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The Be 4/4 515 with driving trailer no. 1715 at Reichenau-Tamins

(RhB Stammstrecke)

Photo by: Lászlófi Károly
Captured at: 2011:04:18 09:04:58


PicID: 10086
Tags: 232 230 Reichenau-Tamins Be 4/4 515 Be 4/4 ellenfény kisvasút S-Bahn motorvonat Svájc RhB Rhätische Bahn

We are going to jump a little in time: in reality we boarded a RE to Disenties and photographed along the Oberlanderlinie but here in the album we are going to fast forward to the evening and continue with more photos taken along the Stammstrecke, the Chur commuter railway.

Photo by Lászlófi Károly

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