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Loading milk canisters at Reichenau-Tamins station

(RhB Stammstrecke)

Loading milk canisters at Reichenau-Tamins station photo

Author: Lászlófi Károly
Captured at: 2011:04:18 08:12:35


High quality picture

PicID: 10053
Tags: 232 230 Reichenau-Tamins Passenger cars Svájc RhB Rhätische Bahn

We chose not to go by the S-Bahn but wait for the first RegioExpress train that could bring us to the first photosite, and it was a good choice: we saw the Ge 4/4 II wearing an advertising livery for the 100th birthday of the Berninabahn and could witness the unloading of half a dozen milk canisters at Reichenau-Tamins station. Even the delivery of so small an amount of produce is very important for the RhB and when delivered the opposite direction the sensitive produce doesn't even have to wait for a freight train.

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Photo by Lászlófi Károly

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