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The M 131.1053 at Kalonda stop

The M 131.1053 at Kalonda stop photo

Author: Pintér Tamás
Captured at: 2008:03:29 10:54:58


High quality picture

PicID: 11223
Tags: Kalonda 78 M131 M 131 1053 ŽSR ČSD motorkocsi nosztalgia vonat felhos borult fenyofa Szlovákia mellékvonal vicinális

The building is painted the standard '90s ŽSR-brown but according to the Northern climate there are pines standing next to it. The 113,9 kW of the Tatra engine seems to be enough, but with those old-school transmissions and the Czechoslovakian hilly terrain the railcars weren't allowed to haul more than one trailer.

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Photo by Pintér Tamás

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