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The ZSSK 812 006-9 seen between Podzámcok and Breziny on the Sahy-Zvolen railway

I departed from Budapest extremely early in the morning so I could catch the first Northbound train on the Sahy-Zvolen line after taking a few shots of the Levice and Sahy trains. Some photo sites need you to face South on this line so a covered, cloudy day seemed ideal to start taking photos. On the photos seen in the previous few frames mostly the more flat area of the Sahy-Krupina section dominated, but now we are closer to Zvolen where the mountain landscape becomes the standard. Special thanks to the 4 sheep that helped me take this photo by casually eating grass directly next to me.

Photo by: Takács Bence


Photo by: Takács Bence - benbe.hu daily gallery

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