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Our BCmot train at Balassagyarmat (and M32 2040)

Our BCmot train at Balassagyarmat (and M32 2040) photo

Author: Takács Bence
Captured at: 2007:05:12 13:36:03


High quality picture

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Tags: Balassagyarmat 75 78 BC mot M32 2040 BCmot 390 BCmot 397 napos magaslatról vicinális nosztalgia vonat motorkocsi nyár tolatómozdony együttállás Frigyláda

Even we had difficulties climbing the hills though the train was in excellent condition. It’s no wonder that after the unsuccessful trials in the 30s they stayed with steam locomitves. As we’ll see even in this album, parts of the Nógrád branches are real mountain railways.

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Photo by Takács Bence

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