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The V43 1165 at the Ringline with InterCityRapid Baross Gábor

Photo by: Takács Bence
Captured at: 2005:08:11 20:09:14


PicID: 523
Tags: Istvántelek Füsti MVP - Magyar Vasúttörténeti Park 70 71 80 120 V43 V43 1165 InterCity Baross Gábor InterCityRapid borult villanymozdony Klasszik-Szili Szili

Here’s the first re-routed passanger train.
Their would be potential in using this track as an S-Bahn, many live nearby, and a quick link to Nyugati station or through the planned railway tunnel under the Duna river would mean a shortcut to most Eastbound trains, not speaking of a North-South ring connection that’s badly missed from Budapest’s public transportation.

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nachtstern e-mail

Budapesti S-bahn,de j?? lenne is az.

nachtstern e-mail

Budapesti S-bahn,de j?? lenne is az.

Photo by Takács Bence

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