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The Mk48-410 at Gyöngyös by the car storage


Photo by: Takács Bence
Captured at: 2011:10:02 09:48:02


PicID: 11548
Tags: Felsőújváros Gyöngyös EV 385 386 Mk 48 Mátravasút dízelmozdony kisvasút Kárpát-medencei kisvasút

Following the events concerning the Mátravasút hasn't been easy: after the Lajosháza branch was lengthened to Szalajkaház, it seemed like the railway is going to wake up and get popular again with railfans and locals. Some time later however the new section was washed away by heavy rain and the owners even scrapped a few old freight cars and offered the steam locomotive for a bid - probably to be won by a scrapyard again. But in the past two years things took a 180 degrees turn again, the steamer often runs with regualr trains and regular prices, the Szalajkaház-line is fully reopened, and there is an active community working for the benefit of the railway. These photos are old, now I have a lot more photos of the branch line, part of them already uploaded (the pictures taken on a trains.hu photo charter are yet to be uploaded) but still I decided to share every good photo I took that day as someone may like them as well.

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Photo by Takács Bence

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