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A builders' yard's siding at Zernez with the entry signal of the station

Photo by: Takács Bence
Captured at: 2011:04:19 12:17:28


PicID: 13114
Tags: 233 Carolina Zernez Spöl-Brücke Switzerland Rhätische Bahn RhB Svájc

It was quite surprising that when the fertiliser truck appeared they didn't send me away from my carefully selected, shadowy photo spot but went on feritlisng another part of the huge field and returned to my spot when I was ready taking photos. This behaviour is exactly the opposite of what the owner of the St. Jodok field does on the Brennerpass. That train didn't take very long to come: the Engadin trains pass by at Susch, one station away from Zernez. After that we had to hurry back to the station as we wanted to take the next northbound train that met this train at S-chanf, three stations away (in fact, Carolina in the Inn gorge is just a passing loop, trains don't call there, but the Landquart to St. Moritz fast trains wait for the regular trains and there are freights put aside there too. Cinuos-chel-Brail is served by all trains but there are only freights passed by there).

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Photo by Takács Bence

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