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The ŽFBH 411 226 seen at Zenica

The ŽFBH 411 226 seen at Zenica photo

Author: Takács Bence
Captured at: 2017:07:03 13:46:41


High quality picture

PicID: 19770
Tags: Ganz 226 411 415 állomás Balkán ŽFBH motorvonat Bosznia-Hercegovina

Before the electrification of its main lines the Railways of Yugoslavia (JŽ) had a number of different diesel multiple units in service. Fast trains were replaced by locomotive hauled electric trains but regional trains received the new, Hungarian Ganz-MÁVAG built EMUs. The three-car sets consist of a central motor car (much like the Swiss TEE EMU) and two unmotorized driving trailers. Three such sets can be coupled together to increase the capacity of the train, but the three-car units fit perfectly the needs of Yugoslavia, where many small, but important towns competed instead of having one big capital and a rural countryside like in Hungary for example. he units were built in the late 1970s and some of them were first class only, as Olimpik Express, to serve during the 1984 Winter Olympics of Sarajevo. Two such units are still used by ŽFBH as Zenica-Sarajevo locals, all other sets are out of use in the country (Croatia also uses commuter versions of the sets around Zagreb).

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Photo by Takács Bence

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