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The Bzmot 403 between Kismargita and Tiszacsege

The Bzmot 403 between Kismargita and Tiszacsege photo

Author: Garamvölgyi Ádám
Captured at: 2009:12:05


High quality picture

PicID: 7212
Tags: Kismargita Tiszacsege 117 Bzmot 400 Bzmot 403 motorkocsi InterPici borult magaslatról szántóföld útátjáró megszunt vasútvonal mellékvonal vicinális Bézé

When we travelled on line 117 the fresh and brutal speed limits didn't allow for shots at stations so we publish a few results of a pursuit by car. In this case the train went the other direction we did when we travelled, so the photos are coming in reverse order.

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Photo by Garamvölgyi Ádám

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